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Visonäre Präsentationen / Visions of the Networked Space Vienna City Hall, February 1995
Mending the Holes in the Net

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Richard Register - EcoCity Builders (USA)



Paradoxically the holes in the net are the cities, towns, and villages. Precisely where it looks like the net converges in knots of intense communications activities, the community/communication totality is malfunctioning -- big time! Never has there been a crisis so grave for life on Earth than the one that the dysfunctioning built community is now square in the middle of. Solution: repair the whole thing by rebuilding the community with a sense of the whole: ecological design, planning and building. There is also a surprise awaiting us in a new network of consciousness called the world holiday, yet to be created, but ready and available with some care and hard work.

I will present the experience of a concerned citizen/activist, with an artist's background and approaches, trying to solve the problem of anti-ecological cities, working in a particular community and learning about other communities around the world. Through working for energy conservation, creek restoration, biodiversity, mixed-use community development, bicycle and transit promotion, social equity in relation to ecological justice, and against particular projects promoting the car/sprawl/freeway/oil "landstructure" of which we are a living, suffering part..., and much more, I have come to believe that we need a whole new study, science, art and discipline that I call "ecocitology." I promote through this notion through writing, activist work in my community and in helping to organize international "ecocity" conferences. In some detail I will describe and illustrate with slides my efforts with others in two organizations I founded, together with our successes and our failures.

Then, from especially the failures, I will draw conclusions about where we need to go from here, which includes a major emphasis on:

  • ecological reasoning of cities around walkable distances,
  • a world-wide effort in the form of an "International Ecological Rebuilding Program", and
  • the institution of world holidays in the natural cycles as a key element in the international communications linkages. This hole, that gap that we could call the failure to heretofore create a holiday for all and everyone, can link us all as nothing before.

Finally -- because we are talking about whole systems here -- I will propose that all these elements can come together in the observance of the beginning of the next millennium -- on the right time, which is in the natural cycles of the planet: December solstice, 1999, ten days before January 1, 2000. At that time we need to create the super net by linking ecocity conferences on seven continents in the first real meta-media event, the event that comprises all other media, including simple knowledge of sharing a time and concern for the whole of life on Earth. The first moment in our entire collective existence when virtually all of humanity will be consciously sharing a single time can then be turned to the task of mending not just the holes in the net, but the planet where it all exists and upon which it all depends.

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