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Stadtvernetzung - Magistrat / City Management and the Networks Vienna City Hall, February 1995
Managing Cities with the Help of Telecommunication

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Carl Strack - European Commission, DG XIII (B)





Hot Croissant syndrome

The role of a city as a place to have a complete life both economic, social and cultural. No longer determined by purely geographical considerations i.e. close to one's place of work. The city as part of a socio-economic area

Possible evolution because of telematics people living round rather than in cities. In the planning exercise it will be necessary to take into account a larger area than traditionally associated with a city because of the (limited) delocalizing effect of telematics Symbiosis that can take place by cities providing services for the hinterland (things are global but always have locally specific content even if it is only language). Some functions are of general/local application and should be carried out centrally in the local area

Establishing in general what telematics can do for cities

Telematics is more than just a tool for the automation of existing tasks. It can be a powerful force for influencing the future development of cities.

Establishing its role for a particular city

It should not be assumed that every city should use telematics in the same way. Full integration into the existing city fabric is required.

What the EC. is doing in this particular area

APAS for Urban Areas Telematics for Urban and Rural Areas Knowledge base.

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