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1999 waren wir beteiligt an der NGO Internet Fiesta und - in neuer Zusammensetzung - an "Global Village 99" Das geplante 4. internationale Global Village Symposium mußte leider abgesagt und auf unbestimmte Zeit vertagt werden.

3rd International Symposium GLOBAL VILLAGE


Global Networking and Local Development
Using Cyberspace to Build Sustainable Living space

February 13 - 16, 1997, Wappensaal, Vienna City Hall

Steve Cisler

Apple Library (USA)

Geographic community networks are changing as radically as the Internet is changing. Some local and national groups are having difficulty adjusting to the challenges of changing technology, improved infrastructure, and commercial firms undertaking similar missions as non-profit grass roots groups. In Canada and the United States there are continuing national efforts to help support local groups.

This talk will discuss some of the main challenges and recommend a few solutions that can work outside of North America too.