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1999 waren wir beteiligt an der NGO Internet Fiesta und - in neuer Zusammensetzung - an "Global Village 99" Das geplante 4. internationale Global Village Symposium mußte leider abgesagt und auf unbestimmte Zeit vertagt werden.

3rd International Symposium GLOBAL VILLAGE


Global Networking and Local Development
Using Cyberspace to Build Sustainable Living space

February 13 - 16, 1997, Wappensaal, Vienna City Hall

ICT Needs in European Towns

Claude Piaget

Philips Netherlands, Eindhoven (NL)


Ernest J. Fantner

Philips Austria, Vienna (A)

In order to identify the information and communication technology needs of European towns the METASA project was started 2 years ago within the RTD 4th framework of the European Commission (Telematic Application Programme DG XIII-C) and financially supported by this organization. METASA (Multimedia European Experimental Towns with a Social-pull Approach) has taken as starting point an in depth analysis of users´ expectations, thereby making "citizen users" actors in the collaborative definition of multimedia services. By this "social pull"-approach the residents of 4 towns in France, Germany and Spain, have identified those services they really aim at in the following application domains:

  • public administration relations with citizens
  • education and training
  • health care
  • employment and quality of life
  • culture and entertainment

Based on those service needs a technical platform "Town-Net" has been developed. This concept is optimized to allow for a step-by-step implementation in line with the implemented services.