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1999 waren wir beteiligt an der NGO Internet Fiesta und - in neuer Zusammensetzung - an "Global Village 99" Das geplante 4. internationale Global Village Symposium mußte leider abgesagt und auf unbestimmte Zeit vertagt werden.

3rd International Symposium GLOBAL VILLAGE


Global Networking and Local Development
Using Cyberspace to Build Sustainable Living space

February 13 - 16, 1997, Wappensaal, Vienna City Hall
Global Ecovillage Network: Connected Communities Working Towards Sustainability - A Practical Example

Stephan Wik

Eco-village, Gaia Villages, Westport (IRL)

Eco-Villages are in essence a modern attempt by humankind to live in harmony with nature and with each other. They represent a "leading edge" in the movement towards developing sustainable human settlements and provide a testing ground for new ideas, techniques and technologies which can then be integrated into the mainstream. The need for developing sustainable human settlements relates directly to the commitment by the world leaders at the Earth Summit in Rio (1992) to programs that will move humanity to sustainability in the 21st century (Agenda 21).

To achieve the goals of sustainable human settlements, there is a need for pilot communities, and for an exchange of information between them and the mainstream. The Global Eco-village Network (GEN) is in the process of expanding. Three regional offices are located in Australia (Crystal Waters), USA (The Farm) and Germany (Lebensgarten). The offices are based in communities which have been part of the seed group that initially consisted of: The Findhorn Foundation, Scotland; Lebensgarten, Germany; Ecoville Nevo and Rysovo, Russia; Gyûrûfû, Hungary; Crystal Waters, Australia; The Farm, USA; The Manitou Foundation, USA; The Ladakh project, India; and the Danish Eco-village Association. These projects represent eco-villages at different stages of development, the oldest established more than 25 years ago and the most recent being under establishment.

Common to all of the projects is their focus on education and a desire for the integration of ecology, spirituality, community, and business development. Each of the projects functions as an eco-village training centre for their area. The range of skills that are on offer is very extensive, covering all aspects of sustainable community living.

The following programme areas are specifically being developed by the eco-village network:

- Establishment and development of eco-villages. - Eco-village Training - International Networking enabling eco-villages rapidly to increase their knowledge through the sharing of information.

The Internet is being used to further this work in new and innovative ways. For more info see