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Lebenslagen und soziale Auswirkungen - Rurbanisation / Impacts on Life and Society - Rurbanization Vienna City Hall, February 1995

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Pauline Hodson - Tavistock Marital Studies Institute (GB)



The home is an institution and so is work. Each has its own rules and values both spoken and unspoken. Some of these rules and values are common to us all, but many are unique to a particular office or factory or home. Most work places will take care to inform its new employees of their culture, and the employee will do his or her best to abide by the rules and fit in. Yet when the work place is the home when the "Distance" in question is from the office and not the family who is its to fit in with whom.


Home also has spoken and unspoken rules - it also has a culture, however it is doubtful that there is a procedures manual available for the family to use. There will instead be an expectation that whatever the disruption to the home the family will be able to cope with the technical baby in its midst. It will be welcomed with open arms.
There is an emotional balance sheet to be taken into account, the costs and benefits to be looked at of the home when it becomes the work place. There is a challenge hidden in the publicity, excitement, and enthusiasm that is created when the technical geniuses get together to make an even better computer, an even faster communication system, an even smaller machine to fit into the living room. The challenge is to hold onto whatever makes home feel important.
This technological baby is born, in many cases it has been brought home already. Can it be incorporated in a way that will enrich us all? It has been recognized over the past thirty years or so that people cope better with change if they are prepared for it. Couples seek out childbirth classes when they are pregnant, little children are introduced to school in easy stages, almost every aspect of our lives is analysed in an attempt to make the passages from one stage to another easier.
There is a quiet revolution going on. Led by technology and business interests, with the added incentive of fewer cars on the road, and cleaner air, Teleworking appears to need no further explanation as to why it is clearly seen as the work place of the future, and yet it is interesting to speculate that as it is now commonplace for women to be working away from the home, as less and less families have the time or inclination to create the sort of home life we imagine our grandparents to have had, has a vacuum been created in our collective unconscious that is demanding to be filled. Perhaps this quiet revolution is Home led after all.

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