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Stadtplanung / Urban Planning Vienna City Hall, February 1995
Beyond the Auto City - Telematic Models for City Development

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Walter Siembab - Institute for Local Self Government (USA)



Many western cities have deveoped a polycentric dispersed urban form, where mobility depends on private automibile use. However, this mobility strategy, which I refer to as "automobility", is not sustainable. The negative products of automobility include traffic congestion, air pollution, resource depletion, high personal and social costs, disinvestment in the central city and deterioration of neighborhood life.


Fortunately new computing and telecommunicationtechnologies - characterized by unprecendeted improvements in price - performance ratios--are available for applications to urban problems. I define a mobility strategy based on these network technologies as "telemobility".

The strategy of telemobility consists of the following four elements:

1. A network of mixed-use activity centers from the neighborhood to the central business district -- created by re-use of existing buildings and limited new development.

2. "Mobile organizations" - organizations that view their telecommunications network as a strategic complement to their physical facilities, and that rely on telecommuting, teleconferencing, teleservices and telecomputing to conduct business.

3. Short haul transportation technologies and systems that serve home-to-nearby-center and center-to-center trips.

4. Universally accessible telecommunications networks that provide sufficant bandwith for the planned applications.

Each of these element of telemobility is illustrated by recent projects in the south California region.


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